BlueHills Premium Memory Foam Neck Travel Twist Airplane Pillow -Royal Blue



Product Overview

  • Color: Neckpillow-royal

The BlueHills travel pillow features high-grade memory foam and a removable 100% velvet cover. The memory foam shapes against the user, providing for the most comfortable experience for the person using it. In addition, the pillow can be shaped into many different uses, allowing it to be used as a back pillow, a neck pillow, or a leg pillow depending on the circumstance the pillow is being used in. The removable cover can be easily machine washed, allowing the pillow to be cleaned easily. The pillow comes with a removable travel case with hand luggage belt and backpack clip, allowing it to be carried easily or attached to a suitcase for travel.


  • FLEXIBLE SHAPE FOR COMFORT: The ultra-comfortable BlueHills neck pillow uses premium grade memory foam to bend into any possible shape, allowing you to maximize your personal comfort by changing the shape of the pillow. For example, this pillow can be used for your head, neck, back, or legs depending on the position, and can be shaped into a U for use while travelling in a car, boat, train, or airplane.
  • WASHABLE PREMIUM SOFT VELVET OUTER COVER: Our flexible memory foam neck pillow is covered with a removable, machine washable premium quality velvet cover so you can always keep it clean and fresh for your next adventure.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY VERSATILE VELVET CARRY CASE WITH HAND LUGGAGE BELT This BlueHills product has a custom design soft carry case with hand luggage belt that other neck pillows in the market don't have. The included travel case allows the pillow to be attached to a carryon luggage or be carried with the strap while you are travelling, allowing you to take the pillow anywhere you go easily.
  • BEST COMFORT FOR TRAVEL WITH ADJUSTABLE SIZE OPTION: The front of the pillow includes buttons you can use to close the ends of the pillow together and be used as a neck pillow, providing a high degree of luxury while sleeping in a sitting position. The two buttons provide the flexibility of adjusting the closure.
  • BACKPACK CLIP INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: With the backpack clip / carabiner, you can clip this neck pillow to any backpack or to any other luggage.


  • Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Blue Hills Corp

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