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Looking for an ultra-soft premium travel blanket? BlueHills new innovative plush rolled travel blanket for airplanes allows you to enjoy a comfortable and cozy flight. When it comes to softness and coziness, this super soft travel blanket is the real deal. This plane travel essential is made of premium plush material and has a unique rolled design that makes it super convenient to use during plane travel. With its plush material, you will feel extra cozy and comfortable during those long flights and chilly nights. This airline throw blanket is the perfect companion for your travels. It's super light and can easily fit into the included matching travel bag or case. Plus, this portable blanket comes with a luggage belt or carabiner for effortless carrying at the airport. A compact, plush travel blanket that can be rolled up and acts as a cozy travel pillow for those long trips. This long travel blanket can also be used as a comfortable traveling blanket with pillow combo for extra comfort. This travel set measures 70 x 48 inches, providing enough warmth to keep you cozy during those chilly plane rides. This travel blanket/pillow is a must-have travel essential for men, women, kids, toddlers, and adults alike! If you're looking for a travel-themed gift, this portable travel blanket/pillow combo is definitely the way to go. Grab our gorgeous navy-blue travel essential blanket now and get ready for a super cozy journey!


  • Premium Soft Travel Blanket Compact with Bag: Our super soft travel blanket for airplanes is made of plush for comfort, warmth, and style during long flights. With its innovative design and premium quality, this lightweight airline blanket is a great way to experience the comfort of home while traveling. This navy-blue travel blanket provides a super soft feel and luxurious texture, which makes it a must-have travel essential for air travel.
  • Large Roll-Up Travel Blanket/Pillow: This large travel blanket is the perfect travel companion and a must-have for every traveler, measuring 70x48 inches and providing maximum comfort during long trips. Combined with its matching travel bag, this packable travel blanket pillow is perfect for all your long-distance travel needs. Plus, when rolled up, it doubles as a travel pillow for added comfort while you're on the go.
  • Lightweight Travel Blanket with Luggage Strap for Easy Portability—Machine Washable: This warm travel blanket comes with a luggage strap that can be easily attached to your luggage and suitcase, which is a must-have for an airplane. Both the travel blanket and travel pouch are washer and dryer safe. Award-winning for best travel blanket range.
  • Travel Items for Long Trips with a Backpack Clip or Carabiner: This travel-size warm blanket comes with a carabiner that can be firmly clipped to your backpack, handbags, and hand luggage. This compact travel blanket can be used in a variety of locations, such as airports, planes, cars, picnics, camping, outdoors, and concerts.
  • Airplane Travel Essentials – Travel Themed Gift: Our sleek travel essentials for flying are designed to offer quality, convenience, and comfort and make you feel right at home. This traveling navy blue blanket makes a perfect gift for kids, adults, men, women, family, and friends. Pack our plush travel blanket to wrap yourself up for ultimate in-flight comfort.

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