BlueHills Waterless Cordless Car Essential Oil Diffuser -Beige J05

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  • Design: J05

BlueHills Waterless Diffuser releases a fine air made of essential oils, dispersing a pure aroma into the atmosphere without using heat or water. Mini aroma diffuser is a great addition to your workplace, home, or car. It’s beautiful and glossy look goes with all décor. It provides a smooth mist and pleasant aroma to create a calm, and relaxing environment.  Our diffuser is made of BPA free materials. It has a stylish metallic finish and wrapped up in a compact drawstring pouch that fits in your bag and take it anywhere. This Beige Waterless Diffuser enhances the interior of your car and is also well suited for the luxury style. Our travel Diffuser is suitable for all car cup holders. This cordless car essential oil diffuser is a great travel companion. Our portable travel Diffuser features three timer options run for 1H, 2H, or 4H to provide soothing, aromatic mist. It is a great gift for family and friends



  • Waterless Diffuser/ Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser: This elegant fragrance diffuser is the perfect way to enjoy the full therapeutic benefit of essential oils in their purest form, undiluted and without the need for water. With its rechargeable battery, enjoy long lasting aroma and makes it perfect for home, office, car and wherever you go. This cordless diffuser has a sleek, modern design suitable for all décor.
  • Car Diffuser – Perfect for travel – comes with a carry bag and USB cable: This Compact and Portable Car Diffuser is an excellent choice for aromatherapy on the go. It enhances the air quality inside your car, making it a perfect addition to your car’s interior. Mini waterless car diffuser transforms your daily commute into a calming and enjoyable experience.
  • Battery powered Diffuser with Timer setting: Battery powered diffuser comes with three timer settings, which allow you to choose the duration of the diffuser (1H, 2H, 4H) that allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser with an Intermittent Mist Setting – Customize your scent experience: This essential oil diffuser is with an intermittent mist setting, 15s, 60s, 120s options is a versatile and customizable way to enjoy aromatherapy.
  • Fantastic gift idea for everyone- who loves aromatherapy: Our Waterless diffuser makes the perfect gift for everyone! This diffuser uses essential oil to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere without the need for water. It is easy to use and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. A thoughtful gift for any occasion.

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