BlueHills 2-Pack Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow Airplane Blanket for Two ...



BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow The BlueHills Travel Blanket comes in a plush outer case with a hand luggage belt and a carabiner backpack clip, allowing it to be taken portably with a luggage or backpack anywhere. In addition, the outer case functions as a soft and comfortable pillow, allowing you to use the product as either a pillow or a blanket depending on which is more convenient for you. The blanket can be taken portably on a train, car, plane, bus, and ferry, and can be used while camping. PREMIUM SOFT MICRO PLUSH MATERIAL This pillow features a micro plush fabric, which utilizes a patent pending design to warm the user quickly and comfortably even in extremely cold situations such as when travelling on planes or when travelling in cold climates. SOFT CARRYING CASE WITH THE BLANKET AS A PILLOW This product comes with a miniscule carrying case, allowing it to be conveniently carried in a car, airplane, airport, bus, train, RV, ferry terminal, while camping, or simply as a way to store it on a couch for use as a couch blanket/pillow. The pillow’s dimensions of 11.5” x 10” allows it to be stored in a cabinet, draw, or on a bed without filling up any significant space. In addition, the pillow’s attached hand luggage belt and backpack clip allows it to be easily transported while travelling. The product’s case also allows it to be efficiently used as a couch blanket, as it can be stored as a decorative blanket while not being used and can be turned into a blanket while watching TV or playing video games on a couch. HAND LUGGAGE BELT MAKES IT PERFECT FOR AIRPLANE TRIPS The hand luggage belt allows the pillow to be efficiently be used on an airplane, as it can be attached to the outside of a hand luggage quickly and easily. BACKPACK CLIP INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE This pillow includes a carabiner backpack clip, allowing it to clip on to a handbag, backpack, laptop bag, or suitcase quickly. Read more Read more CAN BE USED AS A THROW BLANKET AT HOME OR OFFICE This blanket measures 60” x 43”, allowing it to easily fit on your couch as a throw blanket/while watching a movie, while also not taking up a very large amount of couch space or impacting ease of use while travelling. A BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket is a comfortable and cozy blanket and makes a great pillow to both own and gift to your loved ones

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