BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow Airplane Blanket - Grayish Blue

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BlueHills travel blanket for airplanes is a must-have essential for any long journey, offering utmost comfort and convenience. This grayish-blue plush airline blanket is an exceptional travel accessory that is not only lightweight but also highly portable. The extra-soft design of this travel blanket is made from premium plush material, providing a touch of cozy comfort perfect for the chilly nights on a plane. Moreover, the accompanying plush travel pillowcase, hand luggage belt, and backpack clip make it easy to pack and carry in your carry-on. Moreover, this travel-size blanket comes equipped with a matching soft plush pillowcase/travel case, a hand luggage belt, and a backpack clip, ensuring easy packing within your carry-on bag. An ideal choice for any traveler, aside from its softness and warmth, this airline blanket also doubles as a cozy blanket or travel pillow during flights, international travel, airports, road trips, camping, RVs, and concerts. Lightweight and packable, this essential travel item ensures you can rest comfortably whenever and wherever you want. This grayish blue air travel blanket is a must-have for any travel enthusiast, elevating the experience of travel with its superior comfort and portability

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