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BlueHills plush rolled travel blanket airplane offers exceptional comfort and convenience. The standout features of this soft travel blanket are its unique roll-up design and its premium plush material. This plush travel blanket ensures an extra layer of softness and warmth, allowing you to relax and feel comfortable during long flights. This lightweight pink travel blanket easily folds and rolls into a compact size, and best of all, it converts into a cozy travel pillow for extra comfort and support. This plane travel blanket set includes a soft matching pink travel bag, a built-in luggage strap, and a backpack clip, making it easy to carry on while traveling. This air travel blanket pillow combo measures 70 x 48 inches, which is large enough to keep you warm on those chilly plane rides or long road trips. This portable travel blanket/pillow, which is a travel must-have for women, kids, toddlers, and adults, makes a cute travel gift option. So why wait? Choose our adorable pink travel essential for your next flight in comfort and style!


  • Rolled Plush Travel Blanket in a Bag—Plane Travel Essential: Our plush travel blanket, specially designed for air travel, offers optimal comfort, warmth, and style during long flights. Its unique design and premium quality make it an ideal way to bring the comfort of home with you when traveling. The soft touch of this airline blanket makes it irresistible, and it is lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Luggage Strap/Belt for Portability: With its ultra-soft feel and luxurious texture, this pink travel blanket is an essential accessory for any traveler during airplane travel. This packable rolled travel blanket comes with a luggage strap that can be easily attached to your suitcase or a variety of luggage. Award-winning for the best travel blanket range.
  • Backpack Clip/Carabiner—Machine Washable: This airplane blanket comes with a carabiner that can be firmly clipped into your backpack or hand luggage. This packable travel blanket is great for camping, hiking, concerts, airports, road trips, train travel, car travel, or on chilly nights on cold planes. Both the travel blanket and travel pouch are washer and dryer safe.
  • Large Size Travel Blanket/Travel Pillow: When unfolded, it serves as a big travel blanket that is incredibly cozy and warm and measures 70 x 48 inches. Fold and roll it into the matching plush travel bag/case for the perfect soft travel-size pillow. If you are at home, you can use this blanket as a soft throw for your couch.
  • Excellent Travel Gift Option: This travel blanket pillow makes an ideal gift for family, loved ones, and a traveler friend and is suitable for people of all ages, from kids to adults. A comforting travel companion on the plane or road. This pink travel blanket would be a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys traveling in style and comfort.

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