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BlueHills Premium Microwavable Glass Containers with Snap Locking Lids Keep your food fresh with BlueHills Premium Glass Containers. Our high-quality borosilicate glassware is designed to last many years under normal usage without building up any significant wear and is also crack- resistant and scratch-resistant. In addition, our glassware is entirely BPA, PVC, melamine, and formaldehyde-free. Read more When you use BlueHills glassware, the freshness of any food is stored in the glassware! This glass is usable in a microwave, freezer, fridge, or oven, and is made with borosilicate glass, making it resistant to temperature changes and gives the container the ability to withstand high temperatures. Make your life easier by organizing a meal plan every week. By doing this, you can manage your time efficiently and save money. With the help of BlueHills Premium Glass Containers, you can simply prepare your favorite meals, and store them ready to be microwaved. Enjoy healthy food without the stress of preparing them all the time with our versatile glass containers. Live a more sustainable life with BlueHills Premium reusable Glass products. Premium Meal Prep Glass Containers – 5 pack 10 piecesMade from high-quality, heavy-duty glassOdor-freeNever discolor like plastic containersBPA Free ADVANCED BOROSILICATE GLASS CONTAINERS All BlueHills Premium Glass Containers use premium borosilicate glass, which allows the glassware to support temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to be used in a conventional oven. This glassware also works well in freezers, and are 100% dishwasher safe and microwave safe, allowing you to use your container in a variety of situations. VERSATILE PREMIUM GLASSWARE The BlueHills container is a great container for anyone who wants to prepare their own meals, cook, or store food. Say goodbye to cheaply made plastic containers or brittle glassware and say hello to durable borosilicate BlueHills Premium Glassware, designed to keep your food safe. FIVE PACK SNAPLOCK SET This glass container can also be used while cooking food, to plan how much food you want to eat in one sitting,as a lunch container, as a baking dish for use in an oven, or as a food container to store food in your fridge or freezer. AIRTIGHT AND LEAK-PROOF These Blue Hills containers features a 2-step, sealant layer to avoid leaks, as well as 4 plastic snap locking clips with one on each side of the container. The lid creates an airtight seal, preventing air or food from exiting the container and allowing the contents of the container to stay fresh. Read more Read mor

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