BlueHills Ultra Compact Travel Blanket Pillow for Airplane Traveling Essentia...



Our ultra-compact soft travel blanket is an essential travel item for anyone who frequently travels or enjoys spending time outdoors. It is easy to fold, yet large enough to cover your entire body comfortably. The convenient carrying straps make it easy to keep in your car or carry along with you and take it anywhere without any inconvenience. Our air travel blanket comes with a portable case with luggage strap and backpack clip, making it easy for you to carry around even when you have a hand luggage. If you're trying to save space in your luggage, or if you just prefer to use a blanket as a pillow, this can be a great option. BlueHills produces a wide range of blankets, including travel essentials, airline travel essentials, airplane travel accessories, flying travel essentials, and more. The extremely soft material envelops you in warmth as you unzip the top and throw the portable blanket over you. Our Airplane blanket is made from premium soft microfiber materials that helps to keep you more comfortable during your travels

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